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Addict Step1, part3

Step1 Denial



Harry’s hand ran over the now exposed chest of his victim. He felt the harsh short breaths Malfoy took in the fast up and down movement of his body.
His fingers brushed across the hem of his pants.
Claws simply cutting through the leather bands that held the old fashioned trousers together.

Malfoy’s hand came down in a protective gesture, trying to push Harry’s own wandering fingers away.
“No Pot..”

The mumbled denial that slipped past the boy’s lips set off the vampire’s anger.
Pulling his concentration back to sucking harder on his victim’s neck he let his hand simply lay on the slightly hardened arousal in Malfoy’s pants.

The heavy assault on all of Harry’s senses made him notice to late that the rise and fall of Malfoy’s chest slowed down considerably.
The paleness of the boy’s face turned into an ashen hue, the hands that had tried to push the vampire’s hands off fell away.

Triumphantly, Harry pushed his hand into Malfoy’s pants, delighting in the fact that there was no other barrier.
As he stroked the hot flesh inside, he revelled in the spikes of arousal that he could now taste in the blood he drank.

He felt his victim’s orgasm approaching before Malfoy himself did.
The boy’s whole body pushed off the ground and into Harry’s like a bow, a small cry signalling the silent crescendo of his climax.

Harry growled in victory.
Then Draco fell back to the floor and stopped moving.
It took a moment for Harry to notice that it wasn’t only post coital exhaustion.

Draco’s chest had stopped rising.

For a confused second Harry halted his drinking.
Nothing happened.
Silence hung heavy in the air while the euphoria-induced vampire tried to gather his wit.

A moment stretched into eternity.

Then Malfoy’s chest rose slightly, a rattling nearly nonexistent breath the only thing that marked the boy as still living.

Golden eyes turned into thin green rings surrounding his irises, widened by shock.

Letting go of Malfoy’s body and scrambling back as fast as his inhuman body would allow Harry fled to the other side of the cell before the dead weight of his victim even hit the floor.

No sound of protest, no sound of pain.
A dead weight it seemed to be, indeed.

Harry drew a deep breath, than another and another still.

His gasping unnecessary breathes a sure sign of the panic he felt inside of him.


“No…No! No, I couldn’t have — no! I have it under control!!!”

His voice getting louder and louder, the tone panicky, screeching, very unlike anything humans knew.

“No, I didn’t… I couldn’t … No!”

The last scream of denial went straight through all the barriers that had been erected in the Malfoy dungeons to contain such tortured sounds through hundreds of years.

Echoing all through Malfoy Manor and its’ grounds.

Upstairs in Lucius Malfoy’s study a wide smirk appeared on the Death Eater’s face.
He leaned back into his dark leather chair and let his eyes close shortly in triumph.
The soft candle light that illuminated his dark office gave him a predatory look.
Opening his eyes again they fell on the tall form of his horrified guest.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been waiting for this.”
He calmed the tensely standing figure.

The house elves serving in the kitchen huddled together in an opposing corner of the huge room, terrified of such raw, inhuman anguish.

Harry, himself, was crouching against the wall of the cell he shared with his victim.
His knees pulled to his body, hugging himself and trying to appear as small as possible in the face of his failure.

His horrified gaze set on the unmoving body of Draco Malfoy.
His mind replaying the memory of his conversation with Malfoy, his voice so audible in his head.

“I firmly believe that you will do all you can to stop yourself from killing me.”

Grey eyes looking back at him earnestly, now closed.

“I also know that you would do anything to prevent being the cause of anybody’s death.”

Trust, being so freely given, from such an unlikely source.

And he had disappointed him.
Had lost control.

He hated himself. He hated the animal inside of him.

What had he done?

The voices of his ‘family’ rang through Harry’s mind, drowning him in hate and were it not for his vampire senses he would have never heard the thin voice of his victim calling him.


Facing the consequences

Pulled from the torturous memory Harry looked up.
There it was again.

The small movement that indicated life.
The slow up an down of Malfoy’s chest.

A long pause of stillness, then again.

Yes, Malfoy was dying.
But he was not dead yet, and HE had called for him.

Harry nearly whimpered.

He didn’t want to get any closer to Malfoy.
Every human instinct screamed at him to just stay in his corner and wait it out.

He did not want to get close to the body he had ravaged like an untamed animal.
Did not want to stare into the eyes of his broken promise, or
see the results of his failure to control himself.


The feeble sound of Malfoy’s voice was what had his body moving against his will.

Draco was still fighting.


He had to listen.

Slowly, wasting precious seconds, Harry crawled closer to the body he had so carelessly abandoned.

Malfoy lay sprawled on his back.
A small trickle of blood running from his neck.

Immediately the vampire focused on it.
But there was no compulsion to drink now.
Only confused feelings and instincts.

Still, Harry had to force himself to pull his gaze away and continue his way to his victim.

When he finally reached him, he leaned over Malfoy, not aware of anything but the pale perfection that had lost all his living shine to Harry Potter, the predator.

Only when a tear fell and hit Malfoy’s cheek did he notice that he was crying.

A small groan, a little flicker behind the closed eyelids was all the reaction he got.

A sob tore out of Harry’s throat.


“Oh, God, what have I done…”

Harry lowered his hand, but was to afraid to touch his old school rival. His hand hovered over the now nearly cold skin of Malfoy’s face.

Another sob broke through Harry as he noticed the warmth inside of himself.

“Sorry. So sor…rryyy. Oh God.”

The tears were coming faster now,
streaming down his face and landing on Malfoy’s high cheeks, a place Harry dared not touch with his hands.

Another small groan from Malfoy, then

“He.. help.”

Harry froze.
His victim’s plea like icy rain slicing through his body.
Malfoy asked for help.
His help.

This seemed to galvanize Harry into frantic thinking.
There had to be something.
There had to be a way to save Malfoy.

The answer to Harry’s prayers appeared in the front of his mind as if it had been placed there by another being.


Blood had taken life.
Blood would give life.

An ancient exchange.

Harry jerked upright,
away from Malfoy, away from the feral thought.

Everything inside of him resented the very idea of using his vampire nature again.

Another rattling breath made it clear to him that his indecision was wasting precious minutes of Malfoy’s life and
his only chance of survival.

Harry had to decide, and once again it was a decision that was not really his to make.

Malfoy would die if Harry didn’t let his vampire take over.
Malfoy would live if he used the Blood exchange.

But what sort of a life would that be?
He was sure that if Malfoy was asked for his opinion on the matter he would command Harry to let him die, and not force
such a life on him.

But maybe, maybe Harry could control it.
Maybe he could prevent the instincts from controlling him

A bitter voice inside himself made him look down onto the victim of his first attempt at self control.

Clenching his eyes shut tightly Harry pushed it all aside.
Malfoy’s last breath was too long ago.
If he didn’t act now, there would be no need for a choice.

Sitting back he changed his hands into the sharp-nailed claws that had torn apart Malfoy’s clothes.

Watching out of green eyes he let his left forefinger claw-like fingernails slice diagonally through the vain in his right wrist.

The skin parted and then began to fill with blood like an empty river bed during rain season.

Soon it was dripping down his hand, onto his fingers.

Harry moved his hand so that it was directly over Malfoy’s face.
Fingertips pointing downwards, only millimeters away from the boy’s bluish lips.

As if in slow motion Harry’s blood made it’s way downwards.
Over his calloused palm to his strong fingers, down to their sensitive tips were they gathered for a moment
Before finally a single drop separated from Harry.

Falling directly onto Malfoy’s lips.

The sound loud and clear to the vampire.
Then another drop, and another.
Slowly tracing Malfoy’s lips, drifting inwards.

But there was no movement from the blonde.
No parting of the lips, nothing.

Desperation threatened to overwhelm Harry again.
“Oh, please, Malfoy, please…”

Every cell in Harry’s body strained against his movement but Harry fought to make his bleeding hand lower.

Finally, his over-stimulated fingertips were touching his victims lips.
Tracing them reverently and pushing against their center.
Slipping inside the still slightly warm cavern to let their precious red burden directly drip into Malfoy’s mouth.

Again nothing happened for seemingly endless seconds.

Then he saw Malfoy swallow.
And breathe, not choking.
But cleanly swallowing his blood and then taking another breath.

After a dozen repetitions a nearly undetectable feeling of sucking on Harry’s fingertips made the borrowed blood that traveled through Harry’s veins run into his cheeks and his returning erection.

Harry hissed.
He wanted to pull back.

Get away from the temptation.
The sensations that his victim’s caused.

It wasn’t only his body that reacted to the stimulation; it was Harry’s spirit that was feeling high.
His human side and his vampire instincts for once in perfect accord.
Nurturing and claiming.

Just one more second, Harry told himself to hold on for only one more second.

He felt how his eyes turned golden, his senses sharpening.

No, not again.

With a gasp and a small slurping sound he pulled his hand out of Malfoy’s mouth.
Fleeing into the opposing corner of their cell.

Gasping for breath and fighting his desires he watched Malfoy’s now regular breathing.

Seeing the color return to the boy’s face and counting his breaths calmed him.

Soon he trusted himself enough to crawl back to his former rival’s side and check on him.

Vampire senses listening to the slow but regular heartbeat, sharp eyes seeing the wound in his neck close, leaving two small twin scars.

The mercury eyes that stared back at him as he searched Malfoy’s face were shocking enough to nearly topple him over backwards.

After regaining his balance Harry dared to meet the other boy’s gaze nervously.

His own eyes showing only his confusion, the lines around his mouth and the deep frown more than enough evidence of his pain.

But Malfoy’s face was calm, his eyes swirling with a power that could only have been induced by the consummation of Harry’s blood.

A small twitch of the boy’s lips showed the shadow of his trademark smirk.

Harry was frozen in shock until a gasping chuckle escaped his mouth, one more and soon he was laughing hysterically.

“Welcome back Malfoy.”

Gasped Harry before he let his body fall next to the other boy onto the cold cell floor.

His laughter slowly dying he curled towards his …
He didn’t know what Malfoy was right now, but whatever they were,
it made Harry smile a little bit when he finally gave into the exhaustion and fell asleep.

Fini Step 1 Denial

tbc in Step 2 Bad faith

P.S. All hail the betaQueen Snuffy!!!
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