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Can't find the darkness

Hey people,
I'm baaaaaaaaaaack.
And you're gonna kiiiiiiiiiilll meeeee.
I have a big problem,
I'm in a constant happy mood and can't find enough angsty feeling to continue ADDICT!!
I've got a good excuse:
I got the stipend!!!!!
4th day into my Poland trip
I got notified of winning one of the 3 scholarships for the Nankai University in Tianjin
Starting in September I'll spend a whole year in China
studying at one of their best universities
ca one hour train-vise south of Beijing!!!!!!

My head is filled with fluffy fics, bunnnies, kittens, kiddies....
but alas no vampires!!!!

What can I do to change that???
Or shall I deliver some sweets??


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