zoryatwist (zoryatwist) wrote,

In fameliare

Title: In fameliare
Pairing: House/Wilson
Warnings: character death, sexual content
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lisa Cuddy dies in childbirth. Her son is left in the care of his biological father and his best friend. Playing happy-fucked up-family is not the way House imagined his life to play out.
Disclaimer: House and Wilson do not belong to me (shame!!) I don't intend to make money with this, no matter how much I could use it :)

IMPORTANT: This is only an extract I post in search of a beta-reader
It's neither the beginning nor the final version of the scene.

The nurse gave him the little bundle. Wilson had held a few babies before: his nieces and nephew, children of patients, little brothers and sisters that would soon take over the places of his patients in the parents’ broken hearts.

But this was different. This was House’s son. The child of the most important person in his life. The little boy who had just lost his mother, Lisa Cuddy’s child.

His friend and only long time supporter in the attempt of keeping House alive and employed.

Wilson welcomed the small boy quietly, smiling at him with tears shining in his dark brown eyes. The oncologist had to laugh as the baby boy pulled a little pouty lip in deference of having his sleep disturbed.

Surely the similarity to the often seen House pout was impossible this early.

Sleepy eyes opened at the sound. Bright blue. More intense than any normal baby-blues, indicating that it would probably be the child’s eye color indefinitely. House’s eyes, Cuddy’s dark wavy hair.

Wilson's smile faltered and he stroked over the little face with his fingertips. The boy didn’t mind, his tiny fists grabbing unconsciously. Wilson gave him his finger to hold onto, which he did.

„Hello little one. I’m James Wilson. I was a friend of your mom.“ He swallowed but continued to smile, rocking the boy a bit.

„I’m also your daddy’s best friend. I thought, that maybe I can introduce you two.“

Wilson looked around to find the nurse a few beds further. He told her his plans, earning a pitiful look and having to promise to bring the boy back in an hour for his feeding. He consented and left for the elevator.
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