Addict, Step 1 part2

Disclaimer: They are not mine, I just borrowed them, I do not make any money with them.
Rating: NC-17, mature content, male/male relationship

by Zorya Twist

Step 1 Denial

A first taste

A thick silence spread over the cell.

It was now, when the decision was made that both seemed to realize what it was that they had decided.

Here they were, school rivals, figureheads of the two opposing sides of the war for their generation captured and forced to do something that would forever alter their lives.

Harry knew that once he’d tasted Malfoy he would literally carry a part of him inside himself forever.

Vampires were cursed not only with eternal life but also with a damning accurate memory.

He had not forgotten his former victim’s tastes, and he would never forget how his adversary’s blood tasted.

More so as blood spoke a language that only a true vampire understood. Harry was curious if Snape had told his godson how much he was giving away with it.

A natural vampire knew all about his victim’s soul with one bite.
One drop of blood held the essence of a human’s being.

And Harry would have it all inside of himself, and he feared that pushing this knowledge into the back of his mind and letting it slowly be absorbed as he was doing it with the other two would not be possible with Malfoy.

Their bond was too personal, their feelings for each other too intense for him not to relish in the taste of utter triumph over his former enemy.

The vampire in him was nearly out of his mind with craving for this taste.

While Harry tried hard to hold his animalistic urges inside Draco was trying to remember all that his godfather had told him of a vampire’s bite.

But the boy had been young, just 12, when he’d found out.
And he felt that Severus had been censoring his answers.

Warning him but also saying that vampires were not cruel by nature, therefore neither was their bite.

And while his Slytherin instincts were pointing out that that was a good thing, Draco was disconcerted by it.

Having to deal with anything but anger and hurt when facing Harry Potter was something he was not sure he could handle.

But they did not have a choice.

Gathering all his courage and resentment from their years at Hogwarts Draco snarled
“What are you waiting for Potter; we do not have all day.”

Golden eyes were slowly directed onto his form.
Malfoy swallowed.
The feral look so unlike anything he’d ever seen, though he had an inkling that the glare Potter directed at him during their fights was a censored and caged version of it.

“What am I waiting for?”

His voice a low harsh rumble, designed to ensnare a victim in desire and fear alike.

The vampire’s posture straightened, while still kneeling in front of his intended victim he seemed to grow, his aura spreading out.
Magic that was so palpable that it send tiny electrical currents all through Malfoy’s body.

“What for indeed. You have made it clear that you are a most willing victim.”

Harry watched the nervousness in his opponent’s grey eyes grow.
Victory lay heavily in the air surrounding him.

A grin spread over his face.
There was no going back for them now.
The decisions have been made; the choice had never been theirs.

The only thing he could do now was to follow his instincts.
And they were screaming at him to take.
Take what was his.

Slowly he reached for his victim’s face.
Malfoy jerked back, leaning into the wall behind him.

Harry growled, pursuing him and finally his fingertips captured the boy’s chin.
Malfoy stared into his eyes with resentment.

The vampire’s grin widened.
Such a admirable spirit.
To equal an admirable shell.

A slight trembling made itself known as Harry’s fingertips stroked sensually over the smooth skin of the boy’s chin.
Not a hint of stubble marring the pale perfection.

Harry was delighted, a vampire’s hedonistic streak and fine senses made them fierce admirers of all things beautiful.
And Malfoy was such a thing.

“Ssshh, don’t be afraid. I’m totally in control.”
Murmured Harry against the pale skin in front of him.

A barefaced lie.
How could he be expected to control his desire with such an offering in front of him?

He could see the rapid pulse beating under the thin and finely textured skin.

Could hear the blood rushing through the body of the boy.

This would be delicious, he just knew it.

A shudder went through Malfoy as the cold unnecessary breath of the vampire ghosted over his neck.

Harry hadn’t even noticed how he’d leaned closer to his goal.
His face was now only a few centimeters away from his victim’s neck.

His arms on either side of Malfoy’s head, propping him up while leaning over the slightly smaller frame of his childhood rival’s body.

Malfoy’s mind spun with the thought of what was going to happen, evident by the glazed look of his silvery eyes. He could not believe he had allowed, no practically demanded this.

“I’m not afraid.”
His reply was automatic and weak.

“I can smell your fear.”
Whispered Harry in response.

He did indeed, and it was adding a spicy note to the already heady smell the boy emanated.

Malfoy swallowed, but before he could deny his feelings again, a cold hand wound around his neck.

The Gryffindor marveled at the silk under his rough palm, so slim, gracefully crafted and warm.

Harry had been cold for so long now.

He could nearly wrap Malfoy’s neck in one of his hands.
But he just tilted the head to the side. The face to the right cell wall.

Leaning the blonde’s head back with a push of his fingertips against the strong jaw he revealed the taut line of neck from ear to shoulder.

His nostrils flared as something else entered the boy’s smell.

Harry’s right hand came up and he tenderly pushed the hair back, taking away the last barrier between him and his goal.

“Do it, damn you. Just do it.”

Malfoy’s hoarse demand revealed a desperation he had tried to conceal for as long as possible.

Harry, though, did not heed it.
There was not much human mercy left in him.

His eyes glowed golden in the semi darkness of their prison.

His tongue flickered out and stroked lingeringly over the place where the pulse was the strongest,
the skin thin and sensitive.

The place he would bite.

“What the ..”
Draco started violently and tried to pull away, but vampire strength held him in place.

Harry’s right hand was buried deeply in his long blond hair, while his left had an iron grip on his neck.

“There was one thing I forgot to tell you Malfoy.”

He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent he would taste in a second.

“A vampires’ bite is the most pleasant way to die.

There is nothing, ”

He whispered roughly, his breath caressing the sensitive neck in front of him,

“that arouses a human as much
as a real master vampire’s taking”

And with that he lunged.

His fangs extending, and boring brutally fast through the vulnerable skin.

Malfoy cried out in pain and surprise.

The first taste of the young mans’ blood hit Harry’s tongue.

The vampire moaned as loudly as possible while having his mouth fastened to the other boy’s neck.

The only thought running through his mind was that he had never before tasted something as good as Malfoy’s blood.

It tasted, pure, innocent, yet seductive with a sweet heaviness.

It was indescribable, ethereal.

And as unlikely as the word: innocence felt in connection with the Slytherin it fit his taste.

The first glimpse of the boy’s soul nearly overwhelmed Harry.

It was astonishing to finally see Draco for what he truly was.

Innocent, and yet bitter. Hopeful and resigned.
Pure and filled with sadness for all the taint he’d seen.

Harry felt the tension drain out of the blonde’s body along with his blood.

The lithe form sank against him.

A soft sigh escaped Draco’s’ lips.

His imminent feeling draining out of him alongside his blood.

He felt taken, known, used.
Invaded in a form that went beyond what humans knew as rape.

Out of the corner of his eyes the Vampire could see the quicksilver gaze of his nemesis glaze over, dampening them to a hazy storm grey.

The mouth slightly open and a faint pink blush on his cheekbones, adding to the picture.

A few blond strands fell into Draco’s face.

The boy looked like a fallen angel.

HIS fallen angel.

Harry groaned, the first gushing of the wound had stopped and he now needed to suck to ensure a steady flow.

The first time he did just that, Malfoy’s whole body shuddered.

The Master Vampire grinned in triumph.

The hand that held his delicious morsel’s neck slipped down.

Fingernails transforming into sharp claws shredding the dark green silk shirt Malfoy wore in their way.

Harry prayed to Gods he didn’t know, that the boy in his arms was for real and not some hallucination his hunger had brought on.

The silkiness of his skin was too good to be real.

Warm and soft to the touch.

And when he caressed him, with his fingertips, small shudders moved through the human’s responsive body.

One thing was for sure.

This was a prize he would not give up.

This was worthy of a real noble vampire.

Draco Malfoy was luxury incarnated.

Something that Harry Potter had never known.
A delight he’d never even imagined existed.

And something that he would fight for to death just to keep as his.

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Story: Addict

Disclaimer: They are not mine, I just borrowed them, I do not make any money with them.
Rating: NC-17, mature content, male/male relationship

by Zorya Twist

1. Denial
I have it all under control

The Dungeon

A door appeared in the formerly seamless stone wall
of the dungeon cell and opened to reveal who the captive anticipated to be the owner of his current prison.

Reluctantly lifting his head Harry watched Draco Malfoy stepping into his cell instead of the awaited elder Malfoy.

He swallowed dryly.

The Gryffindor really had wished that the boy wasn’t involved in his father’s little coup.

So much for that hope

Now the blond had probably come to gloat, or... do something worse.

Lucius Malfoy was the next to enter the dungeon cell, followed by two masked Death Eaters, guards which had their wands pointed at the Golden Boy.

Harry grinned humorlessly at how dangerous Malfoy must think him to be to always bring two guards when visiting a bound and wandless Harry Potter.

Draco Malfoy walked further until he stood only a step away from the wall to which Harry was chained.

His face indifferent, his silver eyes trained on a spot beside Harry.

The Golden Boy frowned and as the Slytherin turned, he imagined hearing his jaw hit the floor.

There were heavy metal cuffs around the Malfoy heir’s slim wrists.

Bound by a thick iron chain that glowed strangely, indicating that there was a spell on them to keep wizards from opening them magically.

The same kind of chains that bound Harry to the wall.

Harry was utterly confused.
A thousand thoughts running through his head as he tried to grasp the new turn in the happenings around him.

Why was Malfoy junior chained?
Shouldn’t he stand beside his father and the Death Eaters?

What was this? An attempt to get information out of him?
Should he believe that the boy was on his side?

Was Draco to be a spy?

Did they really think Harry would believe that the boy had done something wrong or was on the light side?

His thoughts were interrupted by a silky voice.

“I brought you some companionship Potter. After all we wouldn’t want you to get bored. That would be bad for the Malfoy’s reputation as implacable hosts.”

Malfoy senior’s voice pulled him out of his puzzled state.
He turned towards the older man.

Sneering at him quite expertly Harry replied:
“I would say that reputation was just a smoke screen. The chains with which you keep your guests in check are a strong indicator for that.”

The man smirked at him, and Harry couldn’t ignore how much colder it seemed than Draco’s smirk.

Which actually bordered on cute sometimes, as the boy’s delicate features were anything but intimidating.

Something that irked him obviously as he did anything to hide it, that ridiculously gelled hair, the no smiling rule he seemed to follow, simply being a bastard to everything crossing his path....

And Harry really had been too long in this cell if he began to compare the two Malfoy’s smirking habits, the Gryffindor thought.

“Tsk, tsk Mr. Potter. So hard to please. I knew that such a high profile guest would require some special treatment. Therefore I have brought food.”

That was said in a jovial tone and Harry didn’t get the meaning at first as he saw no tray.

The epiphany though came as he saw Lucius’ gaze fall onto his son.
Harry Potter gasped in shock and horror.

“What…? Are you out of your mind? What has he done? How do you even know…?”

This couldn’t be happening. Malfoy couldn’t know. There were only three people who knew.

And why the fuck would Malfoy senior risk his precious son?
The triumph in Malfoy’s face though was evidence of his knowledge.

Then Lucius’ face turned into a mask of displeasure.

“My son, and I am loath to even call him that, has some strange notions.
You really do not need to know more.

But I think that this situation is practical to the both of us. After all, there is no reason to keep him alive anymore.

We both want him gone, don’t we Potter?”

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the younger man’s body tense at his father’s words. Though he still held his head high and his face blank.

“There is nobody who will miss him. He has been a disappointment from the day of his birth, … so cheers.”

With these careless words Malfoy senior turned and left the cell.

As soon as the door disappeared, the chain that held Potter to the wall vanished, making him stumble forward and against Malfoy who jerked around, but supported his weight, keeping him from falling on his face.

The dark haired boy regained his balance and stepped back hastily, a peculiar smell that reminded him of something elusive lingering in his sensual awareness for a moment.

Harry stepped back in confusion and looked down at his hands. The chain was gone, but the manacles were still there, preventing him from doing any magic better than any spell he knew.

“Well, that was interesting. Though it could have been more so if I had understood a word of what you were talking about.” drawled his school adversary.

Harry looked up from his hands into cloudy grey eyes,
Strange how he had never before realized that the boy’s eyes showed glimpses of what he really felt.

The Gryffindor noticed something that had to be pain dimming the otherwise silvery gaze.

No wonder really as he’d just been called a disappointment and removable like trash, by his own father.

Harry shook his head and sat down against the wall. He needed to get over his shock and think.

This simply couldn’t be true.
Malfoy senior couldn’t know.
He wouldn’t do that to Draco.

Harry couldn’t do that.
Not to his Malfoy.

He probably wouldn’t have a problem if it were the older one.

Images of Lucius Malfoy, bleeding and whimpering underneath him, made the Golden boy close his eyes in need.

“Hey, Potter! Has the time in this cell disintegrated what little brain you had?”

Harry opened his eyes and Draco froze as the golden nearly pupil less glare fell on him.

The Gryffindor noticed the shock swallowing dryly he shook his head as if to shake of the feelings inside of him.

A second later his green eyes were back.

He had to give Draco credit for getting a grip on his emotions in a few seconds.

“What the hell is going on here Potter?”
Harry firmed his resolve. He needed control.

“Sit down Malfoy. I don’t want to get a crick in my neck looking up at you.
Then we can talk about why you are here.”

To his great astonishment the young man simply did as he had been told.

Though he made sure to make it look as if he did it after careful consideration and as far away from him as possible.

Harry looked at the pale face of the boy sitting opposite him in such a prim way that one might think he was sitting at a dinner table with the queen herself and not in a dank dungeon.

The Gryffindor smiled.

Grace, beauty, and immeasurable arrogance, typically Malfoy.
He was sure the boy would even die gracefully.

The smile vanished and a cold shudder went through Harry.

“What did you do to make your father…”
unable to continue the dark haired boy looked at the still manacled form of his adversary.
Feeling sympathy and pity mix with embarrassment

The blond clenched his jaw before he said nonchalantly
“To make my father want to kill me?”

There was a little hitch in his breath at the word kill, but nevertheless the boy went on, sneering at his nemesis

“Let’s just say we had a little disagreement about my future occupation. That’s all you need to know Potter.”

He stared into the green eyes and commanded

“And now tell me why my father referred to me as a snack and while you’re at it you can explain the little trick you pulled with your eye color.”

Harry’s mind was still on the first words. So he didn’t react to the order.

Malfoy’s future occupation..
Did that mean his future as a Death Eater?

Could it be that the blonde didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps?

The Golden Boy stared at the slim form of his school nemesis in astonishment.

Taking in the pale skin, the slight dark circles under his eyes, the way the whole body was tensed up so tight that it couldn’t be comfortable.

Harry sniffed, his carnal senses coming to life at the beautiful human form displayed so helplessly in front of him.

Winter, Malfoy smelled of it, just a tiny hint. It reminded Harry of standing at the edge of a forest covered in snow.

And a sour, musky tang, sweat, pain, fear, more pain.

Harry’s senses sharpened and he focused on the miniscule twitches in the smaller boy's muscles.

He knew that, had seen it before..

“He used the Crucius on you!” Harry gasped the words in horror.

On his own son. Malfoy was an even bigger monster than he had thought.

The younger Malfoy jerked back in shock.
Fear and anger in his eyes.

“How the hell do you know? Nobody has been able to tell since I was 10.”

Harry’s mouth opened in horror of what the Slytherin had just revealed involuntarily.

Draco snapped his own mouth shut and bit his lip in the process.
Anger about his slip up clearly visible.

“Potter, what the hell is going on here? I want an explanation now! What are you?”

Harry closed his mouth, his mind shying away from picturing the blond as a small fragile child, writhing under the Unforgivable curse.

He focused his mind on the question.
Malfoy had already figured out that there was something not exactly human in Harry.

He should have known, the boy was an ass, and Harry started to understand why, but he was never stupid.

The young man sighed looking at his cellmate.

“Don’t panic.” A distasteful huff was his answer.

“I’m a vampire.”

For a few seconds there was silence.

Harry took his adversary in with senses that were over a dozen times stronger than normal human senses.

His eyes registered every involuntary muscle spasm his answer caused,
he inhaled the sudden tang of surprise and fear that came of the blonde’s body,
tainting the otherwise sweet aroma of Draco Malfoy.

His ears heard his heart beating faster.

Were it not for his vampire senses Harry wouldn’t have seen any kind of reaction.

After what must have been a minute, but felt like ten, the boy spoke quietly

“Malfoys don’t panic.”

Harry exhaled in surprise as he watched the boy lean back onto the wall behind him and close his eyes with a sigh.

He seemed to relax, the tension leaving his body, his breathing getting deeper.

Potter could even detect the fear vanishing from his smell.

Well, Harry had expected a different reaction to his confession.

The vampire was so focused on the other boys’ behavior that he jumped at the silent inquiry and could only look helplessly at him.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation Draco repeated
“How long? How long until your hunger will overwhelm you?”

It was acceptance of the inevitable, that was what Malfoy had so relaxed.

Harry understood now that Draco had already given up the chance of surviving his father’s wrath.

Green eyes lightened up due to golden sparks appearing in the Gryffindor’s eyes.

The dark haired boy got inexplicably angry at Malfoy.
How could the blonde just give in?

Malfoy was a fighter, he had never just taken whatever Harry dished out, he shouldn’t let his father abuse him in this way.

Standing up in an effort to let some of his frustration drain through pacing, Harry glared at his enemy.

“How long?! How can you just ask how long it will take until I kill you?

You want to know how long?
Well I’ll tell you.

The last time I have eaten was yesterday morning. By nightfall today I will be eyeing you like candy.

By tomorrow you will be dead.”

Coming to stand in front of the slim figure he spat furiously
“Is that what you want?
You want to die Malfoy?

Daddy doesn’t love you anymore so you want to give up?”

Looking at the blank face, he continued

I will not be your tool of destruction.
I won’t kill you!”

The last was shouted loudly enough to echo in the empty dungeon.

A few minutes of silence went by as Harry slowly calmed down.
Looking into the depthless grey reminded him of stormy skies and the deep water around the Scottish coast.

Seeing the mercurial shimmer that gave light to Malfoys strange eyes return had him nearly hypnotized.

So it was with a calm that for the temperamental Gryffindor seemed slightly out of place after such an outburst, that Harry listened to Malfoy when he spoke.

“Are you done with your histrionics?”

A glare answered Malfoy’s question.

Unfortunately the only reaction was an overly indulgent little smirk on the blonde’s face.

“Good, now stop your pacing and sit down, you’re making me nauseous. Be quiet for a while and let me think.

I know it’s not something you Gryffindors are well acquainted with.

But we Slytherins tend to accept facts and then try to formulate a way of how to utilize them for our own advantage.”

Harry was astonished and relieved, though he would never admit it out loud.

Maybe he’d underestimated his rival.

Seeing and hearing the familiar sneering Malfoy used when opposed in any manner was comforting to Harry.

So he sat down. Directly in front of the blonde.
Enabling him to watch his former? enemy.

Nobody knew what devilish plan was forming in the scary dark place that the boy called his mind.

Draco snorted in amusement at the careful observation of his adversary and closed his eyes so his concentration wouldn’t be disturbed by the intense jade green look on the Golden Boy’s face.

He had a lot to take in, and a way to safe his skin to find.

Again silence reigned.
For a long time.


“There’s only one solution.”
Harry jerked out of his musing.

At least twenty minutes had gone by in silence.

Confused by the words that had broken him out of counting the times Malfoys’ shoe laces crossed on the dark brown leather boots, Harry turned his look upwards to the delicate features of his school rival.

“What? What kind of solution? For what?”

Draco looked at him as if Harry was the stupidest person he had ever had the bad luck to meet.

In a slow, very deliberate way he answered

“A solution for your feeding problem.”

Harry frowned.

“Aside from getting us out of here in the next 12 hours, I don’t know what kind of solution that would be.”

Draco turned to Harry and looked him into his green eyes solemnly.

“You will have to drink from me.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “We know that in a few hours I will not be able to control myself and drink you dry.”

“Are you really that dumb or do you only want to annoy me to death?”
Snarled the Slytherin unkindly.

Harry pressed his lips together tightly.

Fighting with the annoying git surely wouldn’t help his self control.

“I’m talking about you drinking from me while you are still in control.”

Harry blinked, and then blinked again.

Nothing changed; Malfoy was still looking at him seriously.

“Excuse me; I could swear that you just said that I had to drink from you…, like now.”

The blonde grinned at having stunned his adversary.

“I did say that. But I’ll repeat it for the mentally challenged among us:

You, Harry James Potter, will have to drink from me, Draco Malfoy.

Now, while your more human side is in control of your carnal desires.”

Harry let his head fall into his hands, which rested on his knees.
Draco Malfoy had lost his mind.

And where did he know his middle name from? He hated it when somebody used it.
He felt as if he had done something stupid every time it was used.
He hadn’t, not this time at least.

He, Harry would have to spend the probably last hours of his existence with a mad man.

And what if he would drink from him, would he catch whatever insanity the blonde had?

Was insanity contaminating?

“As I’m still sane I would say no.”

The sneering voice alerted Harry to the fact that he had obviously spoken the last words aloud.

Nearly sputtering at that insult he answered
You just offered, no ordered a vampire to drink from you.

I don’t think you should speak of sanity.”

A deep suffering sigh answered him.

And suddenly something warm and smooth pushed on his cheek, making his head turn towards the blond that had somehow managed to come up right in front of Harry without him noticing.

The Gryffindor blinked, the thing that felt so good was Malfoy’s hand.

Long, elegant fingers with perfectly manicured nails forced him to look at the other boy.

Harry was annoyed when the feeling went away.

“The thing is Potter, that our chances of getting ourselves out of here are pretty slim.

Nobody ever escaped the Malfoy dungeons.

This means we have to place our hopes on your fan club out there.
They are surely turning everything upside down to find you.

This leads to the conclusion that our job is to stay alive.
You need blood to do that.

And while I am not really adverse to the idea of never having to see you again I would prefer you to stay alive.

That way I would at least have some entertainment until rescue shows up.

Even though I’m not keen on having you touching any part of me, not to mention taking something from me, I would prefer that you do it while you’re still a goody-goody Gryffindor and at least try not to drink me dry all at once.”

Harry sat stunned into silence.

Draco obviously thought that he needed a few minutes to think things through because he kept quiet.

The scariest thing about this speech was that it made sense.

An alarming amount of sense.

Malfoy obviously knew a lot about vampires.

He knew that Harry was not one of those who’d been turned through another vampire’s bite, because then he wouldn’t even have suggested that Harry should drink of him.

Those minion vampires were nothing but animals.
Harry though was a natural vampire.

Somebody who was born with vampire genes, and therefore able to push the animalistic, uncontrolled side of himself into the background.

It was indeed possible for Harry to control his hunger to a certain degree.

Harry Potter usually only drank warmed up blood from a blood bank.

He’d only ever fed twice in his life.

Looking at the blonde in wonder Harry asked

“How do you know so much about my kind?”

Smirking the Slytherin responded
“I’m guessing there is one Hogwarts professor that had been bullied into counseling you after your maturing into vampire hood.”

Harry’s eyes widened at the words of knowledge.

“Nobody is allowed to tell. He took a vow.”

Draco shook his head in disgust

“Of course he didn’t tell me. Believe me my astonishment at hearing about your inheritance was real.

But he is my godfather, and he told me about it a long time ago.
It was a simple process of deduction.”

The dark haired boy thought that he found out a lot today.

“Snape is your godfather?”

Malfoy nodded.

“Yes, once I found out about his little secret and confronted him, he told me all he knew about vampires and gave me a few books.

He didn’t want our relationship to be destroyed by our societies’ imbecilic prejudices.”

Said Harry stupidly.

That made a lot of sense.

And he was grateful for Snapes’ guidance of the younger boy.
It made their ordeal easier to handle.

Malfoy, who had been crouching down close to Harry, now knelt and made himself comfortable while he processed the information.

Again gazing deep into the calm eyes of the boy he answered.
“You are right,”

“I always am.”
Interrupted the boy grinning.

Harry snorted
“Arrogant git”

“Anyway, as I was saying. You’re right. I am glad that Snape told you how vampires really are.
I had anticipated one of your typical hysteric tantrums.”

Draco tried to hit Harry over the head, but vampire reflexes had the dark haired boy ducking in time and grinning triumphantly at the scowling Slytherin.

Putting his baiting of the boy aside for the time being, he contemplated

“Dumbledore knows who took me.
By now he should be moving heaven and hell to get into your house.

The ministry though will not let him without evidence. It’ll take him at least till tomorrow evening to get that.

But he won’t risk me like that.
I’m guessing he’s planning a rescue mission for some time after midnight.

By then I will be out of my mind with hunger.”

He had to lower his gaze, not able to look at the boy whose life was threatened by no other than himself.

“I... I have never drunk from anybody while I was lucid.”

He cringed as he heard the uncertainty and fear in his own voice but he couldn’t stop, if Draco was trusting him with his life, he owed him honesty.

“I don’t know if I will be able to stop myself.

The other times… one died, and the other is of higher rank than I am…
You,.. are not strong enough to stop me, if I loose control..”

Again that wonderful feeling of warmth, he could feel it through his jeans.

Since when was Malfoy so touchy-feely?
And since when could the two of them converse so free of spiteful insults?

His eyes focused on the slim hand that had been laid upon his thigh.
The nails were a little bit longer than boys usually allowed them to grow.
Evenly cut and shining.

Malfoy really was a ponce.

“Potter look at me.”

Did he have to insist on that?
Thought Harry as he lifted his head reluctantly.

Looking into the mesmerizing eyes of the other boy he tried to concentrate on the words he was saying instead of the warmth that was beginning to spread all through his leg.

He hadn’t eaten anything in over 24 hours, which meant that his body was nearly as cold as a corpse.

Draco pulled his hand away and brushed through his severely styled hair.

Harry watched in shocked amusement as the gelled strands fell down in slightly wavy strands as soon as he touched them.

Malfoy grinned ruefully as he saw Potter’s surprise.
“Gelling charm, breaks on contact with my hand.”

Harry chuckled.
Of course, using real gel was too muggle for Malfoy.

But he couldn’t say that he regretted it.

Open and without the gel look his hair was beautiful.

Reaching down to his shoulders.

And the waves suggested that without its styling Malfoy might just have curls.

The thought brought another smile to Harry’s face.

“Listen Potter, I will only say this once, and if you ever dare to repeat this to anyone, I’ll make sure to wake you up with a stake one day.

I know you’re not perfect, you may be everybody’s hero Gryffindor, but I know that you are not only the Golden Boy.

You don’t care about rules or laws if they are in your way.
You simply break them and have others clean up after you.

You don’t care about peoples’ opinions and feelings if they are in your way, you do what you have to do.

You are a parselmouth and a vampire, and I firmly believe that if you weren’t in Gryffindor you would be a Slytherin.”

Harry could only stare in amazement at his rivals’ description.

Even though it was very unfavorable he couldn’t stop himself from admitting to some core of truth in it.

Draco would surely have a ball with what the Sorting hat had said to Harry in his first year.

It was embarrassing, and yet strangely comforting to know that there was somebody who saw beyond the image of perfection that the wizarding world so wished for him to wear.

“But I also know that you would do anything to prevent to be the cause of death for anybody.

And I know that more often than not, it is yourself who you think of at last.

I firmly believe that you will do all you can to stop yourself from killing me.

And well, if we don’t do it, my chances of survival are even lower.
We simply don’t have a choice.”

Malfoy grew silent, letting Potter process what he’d said.

Harry absently thought that the other boy surely liked to hear himself giving weighty speeches.

He let his eyes trace the steel-cut features of the Slytherin.
Now softened by the platinum strands that curved around them.

They stared into each others eyes.
Measuring, puzzling over their relationship and what this all meant for them.

It seemed as if the world stood still for a moment.

As the two puzzle pieces that were these boys, tried to fit together in a different way.

Not as heirs of the dark and the light side of the war.

As survivors.
As companions in battle.

As Harry and Draco.

Seeing as there was no other option and Harry didn’t really know which part of him decided that there was no other options but to drink of Draco, he finally answered.

“You are right. We’ll go with your solution.”

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The Beginning

Dear readers,
this is it. The very first entry of my new livejournal.
This journal is to replace my homepage (which has died due to stagnation) and my former lj (on which I dared not post my fic).

My name is Zorya, Zorya Twist.
Kudos and free wishes to anybody who finds the meaning of this name.

My journals purpose:
To show of my more or less successfull dabbling in the art of writing, primarily in the genre of slash fanfiction.

Honest warnings:
English is not my first language. (it's actually my third)
I have no beta. (they all died of malnutrition)
My mind is not what you would call healty. (just ask my former psy-doc)

Well, I think that's more than enough.
Next post:
A story,
.... well what did you expect??

What I'm actually going to do is: post the link to it on several community pages and wait for comments and reviews.

If there's no interest, there's a reason for it,
and I'll stop this farce of creative activity.

Till then my dear victims